Learn the Secret to
Mastering the Art of
Persuasion in Dentistry

So You Can Effortlessly

To the Quality Treatment Plan You Know They Need...and Write a Check for it Without Resistance!

"Since implementing this strategy we routinely break our records in the areas of production and revenue. Our numbers have doubled and our entire team is actively engaged in the practice..."

Dr. Travis Hunsaker
Salem, OR

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Here's a Sneak Peek at just a few of the things You'll Learn through this Free Conversion & Compliance Mini-Course CD:

  • How to present treatment plans without sounding like a sleazy used car salesman...regardless of cost and without resistance.
  • Why, where and when you and your staff are flat out dropping the ball.
  • The amazing "4 minute rule" and how this incredibly simple change can put at least $50,000 in your pocket this year.
  • How to ethically "distort" time and price. Exactly what to do and say.
  • How to use the principle of "fertile ground" to leverage your time and money.
  • How to present price. The 3 "Keys".
  • Which price to present first – high or low.
  • How, when and why to present "bad" news - it can actually boost conversion rates.

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